upgrading Laphuma Ilanga

Neighbors and parents of Laphuma Ilanga were really excited as the converted container was set-up.
They were hands-on involved into the preparations and beautification of the new facility.
Thanks to many friends of the Center and lots of children, the new kitchen and bathroomd were painted beautifully. The principal Nomabhele Xongwana and her family plan to not only cater for the children of their daycare center, but also to expand the community feeding scheme through the new facility.

upgrading Mzamomphle

Kids and care giver were really excited as the new container got delivered. Craftsmen and parents from the neighborhood helped in the construction of roof and stoep, the connection of water and electricity, and most importantly in the beautification in and outside the new kitchen and bathrooms.

Thanks to everyone for your help!! Now the kids are even more excited ..



more Upgrades

Matchbox is upgrading the next 2 daycare centers in Mfuleni: Mzamomphle ECD Center currently accommodates 150 children, whereas 40 children visit the ECD Section of the Laphuma Ilanga Center. Beyond the children’s daycare, Laphuma Ilanga contributes to the community as Senior’s Club, library, soup kitchen, church and hospice.

Both Centers lack the basic infrastructure such as cooking and washing facilities. Currently care givers, parents and neighbors are enthusiastically involved in the upgrade process.


Matchbox Exhibition in Hamburg

Photographer and Cameraman Phillip Mall has portrayed the Matchbox projects over several months. His impressive film and foto works were presented by the XH Collective and the Island in Hamburg, Germany on 1st / 2nd of August 2015.

Thanks to everyone, who volunteered to achieve this huge success!

The collected donations will support the upgrade of the next crèche in Mfuleni, which will make a great difference for 100s of children and their community.



Health & Wellness Workshops

Our Health Care Facilitator Jenna Sue and her assistant Susara provide workshops for the Matchbox care givers in cooperation with the NGO Health Promoter. Discussions around their personal and the children’s wellbeing create a huge shift within their work.


Solar Lights for Mfuleni

After the donation of 15 solar lights in 2014, the former Belgium Olympic Athlet and coach Jacques Borleé and his team raised sufficient funding for 150 solar lights for the community of Mfuleni this year. Read More

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