APART exhibition – great success!

The event in Düsseldorf was amazing: many friends and supporter joined us for the celebration of 5 years and 5 upgrading projects. Matchbox launched the new art initiative ‘JAHRESGABE‘ – for an annual contribution the participants can choose an art piece from a hand-picked collection of South African artists.

A huge THANK YOU to all those, who made this successful exhibition possible: Phillip Mall for stunning film and photos, the great team of WERKHAUS for generous production of all large and small scale prints, Studio JEHÄ for a unique location, Bernard and Hildegard Mang for providing authentic South African food, Sascha Krämer for more photos, DJ Mario Januskevicius for real good music, Nico Michel for lights, the EVENT Hotels for great vouchers, Fa. Bolten and Eckes-Granini for providing beer and juices!

The revenue will be used for the children’s benefit. Thank you!