The Matchbox Jahresgabe

Art Exchange

Since 2016, Matchbox has been curating a unique series from a range of local talented artists entirely for our supporters. This art initiative is called JAHRESGABE, which means ‘annual gift’ and it offers the opportunity to our supporters to choose a unique art piece from the hand-selected edition of South African art. In return, they support our upliftment work through an annual financial contribution.

As a vehicle for cultural exchange, Matchbox invites South African artists to express their thoughts, challenges and inspirations through their individual art. Established artists, as well as emerging talents, create an exclusive edition for the JAHRESGABE art initiative through painting, sculpture, photography or other media. Matchbox purchases the editions and introduces them to our international supporters.

The artists invite us to take a closer look and learn about their context.
They invite us to experience their vibrant South African culture.
They invite us to widen and reflect upon our own horizons.

Join us

Each year we introduce 4 South African artists and the works they have created specifically for the Matchbox JAHRESGABE art initiative through an exhibition. The participants of the JAHRESGABE art initiative are then invited to select a unique piece, based on a ‚first come, first serve’ process, as the editions are limited and original in nature.

As supporter of the JAHRESGABE, you authorize the Matchbox e.V. to withdraw a donation of 120,00 € per year as a debit order from the bank account of your choice. The enrollment documents are available via e-mail upon your request or via our website contact form.

Join us in the empowerment of the children in the South African Townships by signing up for the JAHRESGABE art initiative.

With deep gratitude,
The Matchbox Team

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